About Us

SteelTank Brewing Co is more than just beer.

SteelTank Brewing Co, (formerly SteelHead Aleworks), was founded by Jason Radosevich and Dave Baron in the spring of 2013. After years of planning and careful consideration, the first commercially available beer was brewed in December 2016 and delivered to the first account in January 2017. Since then, SteelTank has been growing thanks to demand for full-bodied all-malt beers demanded by the public.

It‘s a brand.

It’s a brand that stands for dedication to the craft beer consumer while being locally based, with a commitment to excellence. We aim to not only offer a high-quality beer but also to educate craft beer consumers about our values of making better beer to provide a better experience for them. Our beer is 100% all malt with no additives and a focus on putting quality first because we know craft beer consumers value that quality and distinction over low price and convenience.